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The problem: organizing, tracking and paying your independent contractors

There are a lot of niches where independent contractors are the best choice for a company.  By using independent contractors, you can:

  • bring in unique or hard-to-hire expertise, on the short or long term
  • top up staffing levels during periods of high demand
  • bring back downsized or early-retired employees
  • avoid layoffs of full-time staff during temporary downturns

The challenge: independent contractors also create payroll and spend-tracking headaches, such as:

  • you have no way to monitor which contractors have been on contract for a long time, and may be candidates for full-time hire
  • co-employment legal issues when a contractor works for you over a long period
  • difficulty with tracking company spend on contractor services
  • extra administrative load due to various government remittances for sole proprietors versus incorporated contractors
  • difficulty with setting, and maintaining, consistent company policies on how much to pay each type of contractor

Our service offering:  Payrolling

Let TES take over the job of tracking and paying your independent contractors.  For a minimal fee, TES will:

  • take on the administrative burden of issuing paychecks, and deducting and reporting the appropriate government remittances
  • provide you with reports on contractor services spend, using the frequency, format and content you prefer, for easy compatibility with your in-house spend tracking software
  • create an extra layer of legal distance to prevent co-employment issues
  • create a unified pay rate policy and a unified set of contract terms, to be applied to all independent contractors

What you’ll get:

  • Lower administrative costs
  • Regular, customized reports on what you are spending on independent contractors and where
  • Assistance with setting and applying contractor pay scales, and with defining your legal relationship to the independent contractors you hire

How to get started

Contact us – we’ll show you how simple it can be, to bring on, pay, manage and track independent contractors, through our Payrolling service.  There is no fee or obligation; you pay only for the services you use.

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