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Our team is now 100% home-based, accessing our systems remotely via the same secure encrypted connections we use in our offices, to keep both client and candidate data safe.
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When scouting new terrain, hire an experienced guide

You wouldn’t move into new markets or adopt new delivery channels without doing your homework first.  More and more, companies are applying that same commitment to planning and preparation to their HR infrastructure.  After all, your people and their skills are the most essential asset in your company’s inventory.  Your HR policies and methods are the tools you use to build and maintain that asset.  Are they doing the best job possible... or could they be better?

That’s where we come in.  We’ll help you hone your HR tools so that they:

  • reflect the current employment market (who are you competing against for the top talent?)
  • bring in the people you need (including skills that are scarce, in-demand, or foreign-sourced)
  • build value and maximize retention among your on-board employees
  • prepare you for the coming trends in employment and employee expectations

Our service offering:  Knowledge, analysis, planning, strategy

Our experience in the North American employment marketplace spans more than three decades, and several industries.  Our clients turn to us to give them the competitive edge they want, when it comes to finding, attracting and keeping the right people.  Knowledge is power, and TES can provide you with the latest, most reliable information, customized to your company, your industry and your marketplace.

What you’ll get:

  • HR strategy
  • Skills market analysis
  • Salary surveys
  • Assistance with out-of-country recruitment
  • Vendor management frameworks

How to get started:

Contact us - we’ll show you how TES Managed Services will turbocharge your HR infrastructure with the latest data, and recommendations customized directly to your needs.  Talk to us about a specific challenge you are facing, or the corporate goals that your HR strategy must now fulfill.  We’ll help you get where you need to go.

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