We're still here. And we're working hard to keep you working.

Our team is now 100% home-based, accessing our systems remotely via the same secure encrypted connections we use in our offices, to keep both client and candidate data safe.
Believing in the potential of people is our business. And now, it is more important than ever. Stay safe, stay connected; we can all contribute.

TES - The Employment Solution

About TES


In 1975, three partners set up Temporary Engineering Services in an office over a butcher shop.  Experienced in all aspects of the staffing industry, they were fired by a conviction that something was missing.  “Companies were taking huge markups on the personnel they placed, but at the same time they gave them very little respect,” says TES President Frank Wilson.  “It was a factory atmosphere.  We dealt in people, but they were treated like equipment.  It wasn’t much better for the clients.  Some skills were in short supply, and the contract service firms took shameless advantage of that.”

The TES team crafted a whole new approach both to clients and candidates; one that was above-board, open, ethical and professional.  The agency reined in markups, and established a unique-in-the-industry full-disclosure policy that showed both clients and candidates the complete billing breakdown, including TES’s portion. 

The agency also took a collaborative angle with candidates and clients.  To candidates it offered career counseling, subsidized training upgrades and more emphasis on job satisfaction.  With clients the firm took a responsive, partnering approach.  “We learned their individual businesses, and we worked to help solve their problems and enhance their processes.”

Their vision paid off.  What began as “three guys and one phone” quickly blossomed into a full-service, multi-division company serving clients across North America.  Renamed TES The Employment Solution, the company launched its Information Technology division under the same service-oriented premise.  TES is now a dominant player in the Canadian IT staff augmentation market, serving such clients as IBM, Sunlife Financial, TTC, Bank of Montreal, and Lucent Technologies.  

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