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To Incorporate or Not to Incorporate?

At TES we see both sides of the story. More and more employers prefer fully-incorporated contract workers rather than sole-proprietors, because it cuts their legal risks, avoids complicated tax scenarios, and simplifies the relationship between the contract worker and the organization that hires their services.

But on the other hand, many contractors are what we call "accidental entrepreneurs" — they’re mostly focused on doing a good job in their area of expertise, and aren’t eager to set themselves up for a lot of paperwork along the way. Sure, they want to be successful, but they didn’t get into the business to spend a lot of time on legal and accounting concerns.

If that describes you, then TES can help. After careful research, we’ve selected CA4IT as our recommended service provider for contractors who are thinking about incorporation, or contractors who’d like their corporation to serve their career more efficiently. We like CA4IT because they align with our own values and approach: unbeatable service, competitive pricing, coast-to-coast coverage and powerful value-adds that aren’t available anywhere else.

Discounts for TES-referred clients
Mention TES when you call for a consultation, and you’ll receive a discount on your incorporation package.

Coast-to-coast presence
CA4IT has offices and service professionals in cities across Canada. There is a CA4IT location in easy proximity to all of TES’s Canadian branch offices.

Completely individualized solutions for your unique needs
Like TES, CA4IT does not believe that the cookie-cutter approach is the way to do business. Your CA4IT representative will ask a lot of questions to build a detailed picture of your business, your earning patterns, your income needs, your potential deductions, and your long-term plans. Then they’ll walk you through a set of strategies that will optimize your balance sheet and control the amount of tax you’ll pay. They’ll match your deduction patterns to your financial style (aggressive or conservative) and show you where you rank on that scale, when compared to others in your business. CA4IT will back you up in the event of an audit; they have never lost a major Canada Revenue Agency case to date.

IT specialists who know your business and your industry
CA4IT specializes in technical and IT workers; they understand the ups and downs of your work; where it comes from, the feast-famine cycles, the types of deductions you’ll be able to claim against your income. They serve more technical/IT contractors than any other accounting firm in Canada. They also offer free coaching and mentoring, to help technical professionals take a more entrepreneurial approach to identifying their financial goals and growing their business to reach them.

Full-portfolio accounting/financial services
CA4IT can also assist you with your personal balance sheet; they’ll help you calculate your income needs, plan your investments, and look ahead towards your retirement. When do you want to retire, and what income will you need to sustain the lifestyle you plan on? CA4IT can help you map out the milestones that will get you there.

They’ll help you land the contract
You’ve been meaning to look into incorporation but didn’t get around to it. Now you’re up for an exciting assignment that requires an incorporated worker. CA4IT can handle rush requirements, and get your paperwork completed and back in time to get you in the door.

TES promotes excellence in everything we do. We’re proud to serve industry-leading clients, and top-notch technical and IT professionals. We hope you’ll contact CA4IT.com and see what they can do for you.

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