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TES Listed in Branham Group’s Annual “Top 25 Movers and Shakers” List

TES’s remarkable climb up the ladder in the Branham Group’s “Top 25 Canadian IT Professional Services Companies” has earned it a place in the group’s “Top 20 Movers and Shakers” list as well. 

It’s high praise for an IT company which has shown outstanding growth and resiliency, surviving three recessions and the dotcom bust while attracting and retaining clients who are themselves leaders in several industries. To reach the Movers and Shakers, a company must show a strong and sustained rise in its category, and compete with other fast-rising firms in other categories for a place among the star performers.

The lists are published for the use of companies worldwide which need access to the best and brightest in IT technology and services.  The Branham Group specializes in identifying key trends and top performers in these categories.

Ian Driscoll, TES’s Vice President of Operations, credits the company’s commitment to service for its high ranking.  “Our business model is unique, substantially different from our competition. We believe our relationships with clients and contractors alike must be open, honest and transparent – there are no secrets, no hidden agendas. It’s a simple premise: we are all in business together and all information must be shared.”

The March/April issue of Backbone Magazine show TES leaping from 62nd in its category in 2006, to 46th in 2007, and then to 16th in 2008.  This category, “Canadian IT Professional Services Companies” includes a wide variety of providers of IT services, from staff augmentation to applications support.  It was that final 30-point jump which put TES into the spotlight, tying for 11th place in the “Movers and Shakers”.

For Driscoll, it comes down to one key factor.  “Trust is the foundation of all relationships. Building trust is mission-critical to us – you cannot build true business partnerships with any partner, client or candidate, if you withhold vital information.” 

For more information on the Branham Group rankings, go to www.backbonemag.com.

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