We're still here. And we're working hard to keep you working.

Our team is now 100% home-based, accessing our systems remotely via the same secure encrypted connections we use in our offices, to keep both client and candidate data safe.
Believing in the potential of people is our business. And now, it is more important than ever. Stay safe, stay connected; we can all contribute.

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I am a Contract/Project Specialist.
Why do I want to work through an agency?

When working on contract, many consultants work directly for the client. This presents several time consuming legal and billing challenges. Agencies are a buffer between the consultant and the client. We ensure that the contractor is paid regularly, (many clients pay in 30-45 days - TES pays every 2 weeks). Additionally, clients are not always knowledgeable as to what has to be deducted from a contractor's hourly wage:
  • Some contractors, who are incorporated, have no deductions.
  • Sole proprietors have their E.I. and C.P.P. deducted.
  • WSIB (Workers Safety Insurance Board) premiums may have to be remitted on behalf of the contractor, protecting both the contractor and the client should an accident occur.
  • Direct contractors must get their own coverage, and are not covered by the client.

At TES, we have experience navigating through the legalities and deductions - so you can concentrate on doing your job.

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