We're still here. And we're working hard to keep you working.

Our team is now 100% home-based, accessing our systems remotely via the same secure encrypted connections we use in our offices, to keep both client and candidate data safe.
Believing in the potential of people is our business. And now, it is more important than ever. Stay safe, stay connected; we can all contribute.

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Accessibility for all

What is AODA?

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) was passed in 2005, with the goal of making all of Ontario accessible for people with disabilities by 2025. AODA is all about eliminating barriers to the same opportunities, environments and experiences that are the right of all Ontarians.

TES's Commitment to Accessibility

TES's commitment to human rights, equality of opportunity, and respectful, flexible service for all are central to the way we do business. We believe that our business and our society are enriched by the full participation of ALL members, and that human potential is our most valuable commodity. We believe that all people have the right to dignity, independence and respect.

TES has implemented AODA's requirements in all of its Ontario operations, and will ultimately be rolling out similar programs to its other offices across Canada and the US. We have designed and delivered training on AODA and accessible service to both our full-time staff and each contract worker sent out on assignment in Ontario.

Our Accessibility Plan

To download a copy of TES's Accessibility Plan for its Ontario operations, click here. To request a copy of the document in another format, email us or contact our head office at 1-800-818-4744.

To Provide Feedback

To provide feedback on any aspect of our accessibility practices, email us or contact our head office at 1-800-818-4744.

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