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Owned and Operated primarily by women

Owned and operated primarily by women, The Employment Solution is now certified as a woman’s business enterprise by WEConnect International! Continue reading

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Job hunt trends for 2014 and beyond – what’s changed, what you can do to keep up

Do your New Year’s Resolutions include looking for a new job in 2014? Here’s some tips on how the game has changed, and what smart seekers are doing to stay ahead of the pack. Continue reading

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Mentors – Why to have one, how to get one… or more!

Why have a mentor? You’re educated. You’re smart. You’re good at what you do. So why would you need a mentor? Continue reading

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Networking for Introverts

Networking’s an essential skill in the current marketplace. But what if the prospect of a room full of strangers fills you with dread? We’ll take a moment to discuss some ways to go at it, introvert-style. Continue reading

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The Five Worst Interview Questions – and how to ace (or bomb) them

The good news is that you got past the online resume screening software (also known as “The Reject-o-Matic”) and have actually scored an interview. Congratulations. But there are some traps and no-wins ahead of you that you need to be prepared for. Continue reading

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Got Something To Hide?

A recently-published study caused a lot of stir when it showed that employers were more willing to hire a candidate with a criminal record than one who’d been unemployed for more than 2 years. Have you got a few skeletons in your closet? What should you tell? How should you tell it? Continue reading

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At Least You Know Better Than This

It’s a sad fact of life. Summer is long since over, and here comes the snow. However far away your next vacation might be, it’s probably too far. You need a pick-me-up. And, well, it’s a guilty fact that nothing makes you feel better about yourself than hearing about people doing silly things you’d never dream of. Continue reading

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How to make your current contract bring you the next one

How would you like a personal marketing team, one that goes into meetings and hiring managers’ offices to persuade them that you’re the right one for the job? How would you like a referral service that calls you up whenever it notices opportunities that match your skillset? How would you like them to work for free? Sounds nice? It can be done. Continue reading

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To Incorporate or Not to Incorporate?

TES and CA4IT make incorporation easier, simpler… and cheaper! Continue reading

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Eating right in a maple-pecan danish world

Are you surrounded by temptation in the workplace? We’ll help you resist the call of the french fry. Continue reading

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